Living on Mission: Are you my neighbor?

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This is the second part of my thoughts about Living on Mission.  For its companion, read Living on Mission: What is it Anyway? What was your favorite Bible story growing up?  Maybe it was the story of Noah and all the animals, David and Goliath, Joseph and his very colorful coat, or Jesus walking on […]

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Home for Christmas


The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes this year.  For one, it has invoked a whole new meaning to the phrase “home for Christmas.”  Sure, our holiday plans look quite a bit different this year, but one of my primary laments is I deeply miss church. Many parts of the United States differ […]

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Living on Mission: What is it anyway?

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In the middle of a pandemic, when your every day to day is suddenly flipped on its head, it’s pretty easy to start contemplating life and its purpose – specifically your own.  Who am I?  What am I doing?  Why am I here?  If you are a believer, the answer is simple.  Your mission is […]

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The Privilege of Privilege


This piece is primarily addressed to my fellow White American brothers and sisters. When I was little, I would revel in the collection of stickers.  I always loved finding pretty ones and shiny ones.  I loved the ones with special characters and big vinyl stickers and traditional gold stars.  I always had high hopes for […]

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Managing Fear in the Midst of a Pandemic

For those of you who don’t know, I live in San Jose, California.  Now, in most contexts, that would not have much significance, but drop that piece of data into a point of time, say March 2020, and suddenly, its significance is great. San Jose is the scene of the third-largest outbreak of COVID-19 in […]

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Help (Un)Wanted

I’m not good at accepting help.   There.  I said it.  I say that like you twisted my arm to admit it, but honestly, who is?   Our culture thrives on that “pick yourself up by the bootstraps,” “stand on your own two feet” mentality.  By accepting help, we feel like we are admitting defeat. We just […]

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You Can’t Do It Alone

Every summer, I find myself marking time.  It’s the time all my regular activities take a recess for some R&R.  I’m a creature of habit and routine, and while it’s nice to have the freedom and fluidity in my schedule for a while, I find myself genuinely longing to go back to that structure.  I […]

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The Misguided Pursuit of the Perfectionist

“Good enough is never good enough unless it’s the best it can be.” My English teacher told us this in 7th grade.  I didn’t know it at the time, but my teacher had given me the words that defined how I had lived to that point and would live my life going forward. From the […]

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Just a Mom

“So what do you do?”  This question usually follows some introduction by the other person about how he is responsible for the basic architecture of the internet, how he developed the concept of public key cryptography securing basic Internet commerce, how he is one of the pioneers credited for GPS, or how she’s currently translating […]

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