Kelli Chase

Hey there! My name is Kelli and I currently live in Kalamazoo, Michigan. I recently moved back to this city and it’s pretty special to me. It’s where I started my relationship with Jesus, where I attended college, and the place I met my husband, Dallas. I work on campus at WMU with the ministry Cru, reaching lost students and discipling those who want to mature and grow in Christ. When i’m not with students, you can find me at Lake Michigan, the movie theatre, exploring the city, traveling, finding a new delicious restaurant, or at coffee shops with friends. I love expressing myself through fashion and the form of dance and feel most alive when I’m meeting new people. My adoration soars for God as my mind understands something new about Him, I love connecting with Him in this way and am excited to share what I’m learning about Him through my posts!

Eileen Drake

I grew up in Austin, TX and have only known this city. Love my city! I work for the University of Texas as a Sr. Administrative Associate. I love to two-step, enjoy discipleship and am always up for ziplining. I LOVE chocolate espresso torte (nods to Chez Zee and Sao Paulo Restaurant) and have a fascination with birds after taking a birdwatching class at UT. I pray that I am able to do full-time ministry sometime in the future using my administrative skills but also working “in the field.” My life inspiration is to disciple ladies to follow Christ and teach them to make more disciples of Christ. Praying you get some encouragement from this blog!

Casey Fiore

Casey Fiore

Hi, I’m Casey Fiore! I am a California transplant who was born and raised in Minnesota, which means I “sneak by,” people at Target. A few years after college, I interned at my church in Minneapolis for ten months. That experience ignited my passion for what the Church is and should be. I married a handsome engineer in August of 2015. The little man we welcomed in October of 2019, Martin, is my full-time employer. My beverage of choice is Diet Coke (yes, I drink it in the morning), and I fill my spare time with baking, reading and working out.

Rachel Guerrero

Hey y’all, I’m Rachel! After growing up in Houston, I moved to San Marcos in 2008 to attend Texas State University and study Education. While there, I came to know and follow Christ after a girl in my math class shared the gospel with me for the first time!
After college, I moved to Austin and married my husband, Josh. On our first date, he told me he wanted to plant a church and my response was “That sounds fun!” Fast forward seven years, to today, and we are planting Refuge Community Church in Southeast Austin. Additionally, after six years of teaching elementary school, I’ve decided to stay home and disciple my own littles, Lia (2) and Jude (6 mo). An enjoyable day for me would include my family and closest friends, coffee, a picnic near water, a scenic hike, laughter, reading and napping! My desire is to seek Jesus, finding and helping others find the confidence and joy that knowing Christ brings.

Jessica Lauren

Jessica Lauren

Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a follower of Christ, interior designer, wife, and avid adventurer. I love all things art, music and chocolate! When I’m not working, I’m spending time with my sisters in Christ, my husband and taking care of our fur babies. Since becoming a believer in my late 20’s my heart has been drastically transformed. Thank you for letting me share my journey as Christ continues to transform my heart.

Bailey Lenzen

On any given day you will find me collaborating to create avenues to better business education, raving about one word that makes all the difference in a verse of scripture, and on the phone catching up with a friend. I am borderline-obsessed with Myers Briggs, and most of my conversations at some point include the phrase, “That’s so SJ/NTP/SF of you.” I love reading nonfiction, cooking, hiking, and telling stories. I grew up in a small town near Fort Worth and went to Texas A&M for my management degree, stayed for a year to work at the university, left for two years to get my M.Ed. at A&M’s rival institution, The University of Texas at Austin, and am now back in my former stomping grounds at A&M with my dear husband, Matt. I write and toil for All the More to share our collective fervent desire for knowing our perfect Creator.

Natalie Mayo

Hey, I’m Natalie! I’m originally from Houston, TX but I moved to Austin ten years ago to attend The University of Texas (Hook ‘em)! Four years ago my husband, Tory, and I planted a church in central east Austin called The Well and it’s been one of the coolest experiences of my life with some of my favorite people watching our amazing God do incredible things. We have two beautiful little girls – Michaiah (2) and Kyria (9 months). My likes include Jesus, truth, discipleship, days spent with my family, being in water, laughing, and coffee (of course). My dislikes include slow drivers in the left lane, bugs, and when my toddler throws the most outrageous fits.

Rachel Marissa

Hey, I’m Rachel! I just moved back across the country from Austin, TX to Grand Rapids, MI. Before that, I lived in the Netherlands as a missionary, and before that, I called my alma mater’s city, Kalamazoo, MI, “home”. I fundraise for a nonprofit who has shipped over 2.1 million free theological resources to Third World pastors in training who otherwise wouldn’t have access. My husband Brad and I dream of international church planting where Christ is not yet known and are chasing that by attending seminary together where he’s finishing his MDiv and I’m starting an MA in counseling. When I’m not working or studying or blogging I’m probably running, catching up with friends over an Americano, or exploring West Michigan with Brad. Following Jesus since I was 19-years-old has taken me on some ugly-beautiful adventures – which is the heart of what I blog about.

Jenny McCarty

Hi there, my name is Jenny. This past year, I moved to Austin, TX without knowing a soul for a job that was very different than what I had been doing before. Some would say that I am risk-taker; I’d say that I am going wherever God opens the door. Writing is one of my secret (well not so secret anymore) passions but in my spare time, you will most likely find me outside riding horses, practicing the guitar, or exploring this new city that I have come to love.

Lisa Olian

During the past 8+ years of “adulting” my identity has been found in a variety of titles. College tennis player. High school English teacher. Tennis coach. Young Life Leader. Graphic Designer. However, during my journey with Christ, the most beautiful identity I have come to rejoice in is “Daughter of Christ.” The super-awesome, too-good-to-be-true (but it is true) news is that He wants YOU to know this as your identity too! My prayer is that through this blog you too would know that you are deeply loved and fully cherished by your heavenly father.

P.S. Lisa also created our logos!

Kathryn Pesyna

I am a born and raised Midwesterner from Indiana, but I found a new home in California by way of Austin, Texas. I married my high school sweetheart who helps me raise our three kiddos. I am a self-diagnosed anglophile with a degree in English Language & Literature from Purdue University. I am an Enneagram One who struggles with perfection in the eyes of God but loves to rest in His goodness and justice. I love all things Harry Potter, crosswords, Tex-Mex, bullet journals, and Beethoven.

Kelly Psotka

I was born and raised in the great lakes state of Michigan. I grew up and currently reside in Macomb, MI which is a northern suburb of Detroit (which really isn’t as bad or as unsafe as everyone says it is!). I’m a WMU alum (Go Broncos!) and current graduate student at OU, where I am pursuing my Masters in Mental Health Counseling. I have a huge passion for working with adolescents and young adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. One day I would like to continue on to get my PhD in Clinical Psychology and eventually open up my own private practice (Lord willing). I’m a member at Woodside Bible Church, where I currently serve in the Young Adult Ministry as a small group leader. I’m a bit of a social butterfly, but that’s just because I love people so stinkin’ much! I’ve been told my laugh can be heard from a mile away. I enjoy music, reading (especially historical fiction—specifically WWII), crafting (scrapbooking, hand lettering, painting), cooking, writing, trying new things and going new places, nature, giving hugs, and conversations about Jesus.

Claire Raabe
Claire Raabe

My name is Claire Raabe, and I currently abide in home sweet College Station, TX. I spend most days working with business students at Texas A&M, playing trivia with my coworkers, and dreaming about the next adventure Jesus will send me on. I love Aggie football, national parks, Louisa May Alcott, and sunsets as best seen from my hometown of Poth, TX (pop. 1,800). I think words and stories are a powerful way to create beauty, and I hope writing for All the More will be an outlet to do just that. Being known by Christ is what gives me joy and hope each morning, and my greatest desire is to see other people experience abundant life with Him!

Victoria Scrima

Hi, I’m Victoria! I’m a NYC Italian who stumbled into Philadelphia in 2018. My full-time stint is at an ad agency, and I also work part time for my church’s communications team. I have a multicultural curiosity and enjoy traveling, with six continents and 40 countries under my belt so far! Other things I enjoy include: a good challenge, cooking with carbs, Christian reading, intense fitness, and artsy creation (particularly fashion, cosmetology and interior design). When I’m not hanging out with friends, I’m recharging in my quirky apartment with 60 plants and Beau, my white cat with a blue eye and green eye. I hope my blogs will spark you to consider topics in a faithful, critical, and fresh way.

TaKasha Smith

Hey!  My name is TaKasha.  After graduating from college, 10 years of ministry in the Midwest, and more wretched winters than my heart could stand, I’ve landed in Austin, Texas as a Master’s student in Global Policy and International Law.  I am passionate about healing, advocacy, and justice for those who are forgotten in this world.  I am a writer, a teacher, a friend, and an undeserving daughter of the King.