Don’t Believe Everything You Think

kids at table

At any given second of the day, I hear a plethora of emotions.  Angry yells of “mine!” “Stop” or “I had it first!”; tears from falling off a bike, chair, or just tripping on the floor; or giggles at playing with dolls, building a magnet tile house together, or watching a silly show. Our day is filled with ebbs and flows, peaceful moments and chaotic ones. My stay-at-home mom life with my four-year-old and two-year-old is anything but boring.  I love the giggles and times of joy in the day, but I feel pain and heartache when I hear my children cry, argue, or writhe in frustration. As a parent, it is so hard to let them experience discomfort in any way. Do not get me wrong, I am not just sad for them, but sometimes I am also angry, frustrated, and annoyed when their complaints, cries, and arguing destroys […]

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The Mindset of Christ


Right now it feels like the only thing we can agree on is that no one agrees on anything.  I’ve started developing a fear of talking about anything except the weather because I don’t know how I will be perceived. “What side are you on about that? Am I judging? Am I being judged?”   Everyone has their own ideas and opinions about the best way to fix the issues of our time.  Even within the church, I’ve caught myself thinking, “If they love Jesus, then they have to believe [whatever I think] about [current topic].”   But the Bible is clear the only solution is Jesus (John 24:6).  So we need to ask ourselves: How does Jesus solve for /x/?  How does Jesus solve for racial reconciliation? How does Jesus solve for vaccine mandates?  How does Jesus solve for homelessness, abortion, refugees, sexual identity, voting, education, wealth gap, healthcare, global […]

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Why Can’t I Rest?

girl laying in grass

I’m scrambled. Laundry invades my personal space. My feet fail me in the minefield of toddler chaos dispersed across the floor. My body tells the story of the struggle with the dead weight of tantrums and self-neglect. I’m tired to say the least.  I started physical therapy last week for an impingement in my shoulder. The edges of my shoulders nearly met the tips of my ear lobes as my body seeks to guard itself against recurring pain. How am I to function in this space? And these are just the external things.  Internally, grief crouches at the door of my heart waiting to pounce at the most inconvenient moment as I attempt to move forward after my father’s passing. Internally, I can’t seem to settle my mind on just one thought. The pressure of life, the woes of death, the anxiety for what’s to come is a little too […]

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The Solid Rock

I believe God wants what is best for us, God cares about each of us individually, and He has a good plan for us. Over the past year, my spiritual journey had its ups and downs and at times, doubt would creep in my mind here and there to the point where I found it hard to believe I had written a blog called, “God is always good.” I would think to myself: “I know He is good, but the world isn’t. How can I trust Him when I experience things that are not good?”  My questioning led to a path of searching for answers from people and books, but most of those times, they would leave me feeling half full–I still could not trust the answers from a fallen world. I don’t have all the answers to my questions, to the suffering around me, my searching heart. I may […]

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Can faith really move a mountain?

Recently, I have felt overly burdened by the little details as it relates to the coming changes in my life. I am frustrated that regardless of the area of my life, I feel unlike myself. I can rationalize to myself, let others who are close to me help me cope, but at the end of the day, the fox in the garden returns. The wedding venue calls because they wrote the wrong time down, or the bureaucracy called the state government makes it quite inconvenient to get a marriage license for people who don’t live in the same city, or some marriage paperwork went awry, or… you get the drift. I find myself somehow stressed again about some likely unimportant thing that is causing me to worry and work feverishly to organize and control in an effort to mitigate the problems. I think somehow underneath it all I am under […]

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Is Your Fear Greater Than Your Faith?

Are you ever just in awe of how God gets our attention? How He uses something such as a line in a movie, someone else’s experience, a post on social media, or encouragement from a friend at exactly the right moment to convict us, show us our sin, and bring us closer to Him. How even if we ignore the first nudge or the second, He never gives up. He is persistent to chase after us, His most precious creation.  Just the other day while mindlessly skimming through Instagram Stories, I stopped at a story that for once, challenged me. It was nothing eye catching; just an off-white background with some words that stuck with me. I don’t remember what it said word for word, and I really wish I did, but it was along the lines of, “the thing that you fear most is the thing that you are […]

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The Story of Us

Sitting here on this sunny morning with tea, worship music, a lighted Christmas tree, and so much joy in my heart, I don’t think my college self would have believed this woman would have ever existed. College freshman Katie had just been broken up with by her boyfriend, the man she thought she would marry, was headed home from her first semester of college where she still didn’t entirely feel like she fit in, and just felt utterly lost. Her heart was empty and broken, and she didn’t believe she would ever be happy again. I remember lamenting to my sister and sobbing into her arms. She told me it would all be ok, but I didn’t believe her. Oh sweet Katie of the past, if only you would have had a looking glass to see me now. Now don’t get me wrong, my life is far from perfect. I […]

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I will speak I will proclaim

In just a year, my one-year old has changed and grown drastically. I’ve never seen her body stretch out or her face change before my eyes in that time, but they have. When I look back at pictures of her as a newborn, the difference 12 months makes is drastic both physically and developmentally, yet I didn’t really notice it in the moment.

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Infinite Chances

  I’ve heard it said that God is a God of second chances. If God gave me a second chance every time I made a mistake, I would be out of second chances. So I disagree. He is a God of infinite chances.

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