What lies have you been believing this week?

two sitting and one man standing near cliff taken during golden hour

At the time, I felt so confident, but now I feel like I missed my chance. Why on earth did I do that? That was so dumb…What am I going to do now? Recently, I found my mind spiraling towards anxious thoughts and regret about a lost opportunity. Feeling discouraged, I told my husband, looking […]

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Struggling to be thankful? Know the Story of God.

acts verse with table

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. — Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. — To him who alone does great wonders, for his steadfast love endures forever. Psalm 136:1-2, 4 At our family Thanksgiving dinner, we go around the […]

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Ancient Wisdom for Our Social Media Age

social media typing

Between a pandemic and feeding a newborn a billion times a day, I’ve spent a significant amount of time on social media over the past several months. I pick up my phone, use my thumbprint to unlock it, and pull up Instagram or Facebook like a bad habit. By the time I’m done, my heart […]

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Waiting Is Not Wasted Time

I’ll never forget the look on the man’s face at the store as he scanned my items and casually asked me my due date. It was obvious the time was near, but he gave a look of horror as if I’d give birth right then and there on the store’s floor when I answered, “Four […]

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Newness and the Never-changing

The Frozen II soundtrack has been on repeat in my home over the past few weeks. On it, there are two songs that stand in contrast to one another. The first is “Some Things Never Change,” which is about the desire for some things in life to remain constant and true. But Elsa’s song, “Into […]

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Get Wisdom

In every season of life, I’ve wanted God to give me clear direction and a clear answer. What should I major in? Should I marry this guy? What should I do with my life? Do I let my baby cry-it-out or would that permanently damage her for the rest of her life? What kind of […]

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Will God Finish What He Started?

I have a bad habit of not finishing things that I start. I’m the girl who has a cool craft idea, buys everything I need for it at the store, and then does nothing with it. There’s a shelf I still haven’t put up even though I bought it years ago to put up in […]

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When sin and death seem victorious

After my daughters saw The Beauty and the Beast for the first time, they watched it on repeat over and over again, as is typical of a four- and two-year-old. Every time they watched it, they were absolutely terrified of the Beast. I reminded them that they knew the end of the story so they […]

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Is your heart out of alignment?

When it comes to our walk with God, I like to think of us as cars. I wish we were like the smart self-driving cars, but that’s just giving us a little too much credit. No, we are more like the cars that are just a little out of alignment (and sometimes really out of […]

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