The Falling of the Following

selective focus photography of pen

Here recently, I’ve been overwhelmed by the persistence of God’s grace. For everyday that I’ve lived to breathe and walk here on earth, I’ve sinned. For every season in my life’s book, I can name a different idol that Satan has dangled in front of my face. For each time I come to Him in prayer, I’m struck by my sheer humanity once more. Yet through each millisecond— never skipping a day nor season nor chance— Jesus has pursued me with His mercy, love, and strength. Now that’s persistence. 

Recently, I’ve rekindled my love for writing poetry. An old habit left in the dust of college, but revived for the sake of the soul. I’m no Dr. Seuss, but there’s just something about piecing together a puzzle of words in which they become heavier on the heart and closer to the conscience. This poem below was written several weeks ago as I found myself desperate for His tangible grace. After a week of chasing myself and my desires— failing to stiff-arm the dangling idols— I was reminded that the only way to comfort is through the cross. He is delighted in my desire to obey, please, and love Him. Therefore, He is delighted to pick me up and wipe off my scrapes along the way.

If I were You 

And You were me 

I definitely would’ve put 

An ‘I’ in ‘Team’ 

Yet in this grand scheme 

You chose me for You 

A feat gladly chosen

Despite all that I do 

Even while I follow

I can’t help but fall 

Lying on the ground 

I hear You call 

My child, My bride

I made you who you are 

My daughter, My art

From you never will I part

In cleaning your scrapes

I find pure delight

My love, My work 

Shame absent in My sight 

But Lord, I say 

When will come thy day 

When my knees don’t bleed 

And faith won’t sway? 

Daughter, He replies 

You’re complete in My eyes 

My Son is all I see 

Between you and Me 

What a gift to my heart 

Blood for its veins 

Cloth for my cuts 

Sanctity in the strain

As I confess my sin 

And admit thy fall

Reveal to me Lord

Your will in it all 

Drown my pride 

In your divinity 

Awaken my flesh 

To your infinity 

Hold me humble 

In my pursuit 

That when giving You glory 

I can’t fall mute 

God so help me 

When I walk to and fro 

That with every fall

My soul you grow. 

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