As I Carry This Human (a poem)

woman in gown standing near forest

This body is yours.
Your spirit breathes life into the human in my body.
There is a person in me you desire to use in your mission field.
A person with a purpose – to love and be loved –
And a vocation of which will unfold.
Whatever good comes of their life is from you, your spirit.
This body is a mere vessel,
Our parenthood a vocation.

Every craving, every discomfort – a joy I often overlook
In that present moment of suffering 
As I seek a quick fix
In the form of pretzels.

You’ve revealed this journey is the one I’m called to,
And yet …
I  feel a twinge of frustration.
That this journey comes with no map.

I like a map.
But You like my sanctification more.

There’s a little comfort in knowing many faithfully travelled this road
With no map(!)
And became great saints in the process,
With your mighty compass to guide them.

…Is a map needed?

You breathe in life into this human.
I am a vessel.
You breathe in life in me also, all my days.
Your desire is for me.
It is also for this growing human
Who you already know intimately.

Who I’ll spend my life getting to know.
To understanding their depths.
The vocation to motherhood – it is new to me,
And I accept it.

I accept it only with your help.
The best help – yes, even without that map.
This body is yours.
We are yours.
And our home awaits us.

May this child and I say yes to You,
To our sanctification,
To Your love. 

Where did I put those pretzels?

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