Mythbuster Monday: Satan is God’s Opposite

Turn on the television, and you see it.  Dichotomy. The good versus evil, hero versus villain, yin and yang.  The perfect foil. Balance. How can there be an up if there is no down?  How can there be a left if there is no right to give it definition? If God is the definition of all that is perfect and good and holy, then Satan must be the opposite of this, right?


When we consider Satan to be God’s opposite, we make them equals.  Equal in authority. Equal in power. We give Satan characteristics he could only dream of.  We make him what he wanted to be when he rebelled in the first place: a god himself.

And he is not!  Sisters, hear me:  God has no equal.

Satan was created by God, so how can he be equal to Him?  Satan will not rule hell the way God rules heaven and earth.  He will be cast into it in judgment the same way others of God’s creation who reject Him will be cast.  If you’d like to give Satan an opposite, you might consider the Archangel Michael.

References: Ezekiel 28, Isaiah 14, Isaiah 40, Revelation 12, Revelation 20

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