Healing when I’d lost hope

sad woman

Have you ever gone through a trial that seemed like it was just too much to bear?  I have.  Seven years ago, I had hit rock bottom. My marriage had completely fallen apart, and as a result, after five  “good years” I began to wrestle with self-harm again. To be honest, I was a complete […]

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Here I Am


The stories of Genesis have filled my quiet times as of late. The complexity of these narratives never fails to leave me a bit speechless. How do I begin unpacking the historical context, characters, theology, geography, and original Hebrew definitions while channeling the Holy Spirit to see what I am to learn about God in […]

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Crafted by the Master Artist

house window mountain view

I sat down in my home office recently, excited to spend some time alone crafting. Immediately, I was struck by my view from home.  My window looks out onto an open field, a typical countryside view here in New Zealand. It’s a view that looks different each time I gaze out—yet every time, it calms […]

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Jesus, Our Hope for a New Year

person wearing silver ring on ring finger on book page

It’s easy to search for hope and fulfillment in a new year. If only I had a new routine, a better diet, a cleaner house, more money, a better social life, or more me-time. If these things changed, I’d finally feel happy and at rest, right?! New Year’s resolutions are great, I’m not trying to […]

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Don’t You See? God’s Design is Everywhere.

bye 2020

What did you notice in 2020 that seemed designed by God? Despite the uniqueness of 2020, God has undoubtedly answered prayers in our families, communities, and in our own hearts. Indeed, God has designed some of this year for our good. For me, in the past several months, I have been inundated with obvious ways […]

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Top 5 Blogs of 2020

person typing on red typewriter

At All The More, 2020 gave us a deeper belief in our mission to encourage one another, all the more (Hebrews 10:23) via our online community. This year brought many new milestones — hiring our first employee, Kylie, launching our first book study on the Book of Psalms, and bringing on new contributors from outside […]

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More Than a Promise

cards hanging on Christmas tree

It’s that time again.  Christmas is often either a favorite or most dreaded time of the year. Christmas is for hot chocolate and mistletoe.  Family and loved ones.  Lights and gifts. For some people, it is a magical season full of warm memories, hopeful feelings, and fond family affairs.  For others, Christmas aims a spotlight […]

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Home for Christmas


The pandemic has brought about a lot of changes this year.  For one, it has invoked a whole new meaning to the phrase “home for Christmas.”  Sure, our holiday plans look quite a bit different this year, but one of my primary laments is I deeply miss church. Many parts of the United States differ […]

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